2010 Special Recognition Award

November 2, 2010

Dr. van Dyck accepts the 2010 Special Recognition Award, flanked by AUCD network members representing 40+ years of MCH training.
Dr. van Dyck accepts the 2010 Special Recognition Award, flanked by AUCD network members representing 40+ years of MCH training.

Peter C. van Dyck, MD, MPH, awarded 2010 AUCD Special Recognition Award

Peter C. van Dyck,  MD, MPH, of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, received the 2010 Special Recognition Award today at the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) Conference.

The award is presented to an Association member or gropu, or to an individual, group, or organization outside of the Association, to recognize outstanding contributions toward creating more inclusive communities for people with developmental disabilities and their families. 

From the presentation ceremony:

"What does it mean to be a leader? What does it mean to lead? Thousands of articles, books, studies and opinions have been put forth. Our entire LEND network is dedicated to nurturing and producing leaders. One of the most consistent observations is that "you know one when you see one". Such a leader is our very Special Cognition Awardee for this year, Dr. Peter C. van Dyck, Associate Administrator for Maternal and Child Health at HRSA. His resume shows a progression of positions increasing in responsibility and potential for impact. From pediatrician to director of Family Health Services Division in the Utah Department of Health; professor of pediatrics to president of the Association of Maternal Child and Health Directors; from director of MCHB's Office of State and Community Health to his current position of Association Administrator for all of MCHB which he has held for the past 11 years.

As Associate Administrator, Dr. van Dyck administers a budget of almost a billion dollars. The Bureau promotes and improves the health of mothers, children, and families, particularly those who are poor, lack access to care or have special health care needs. His office administers the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grants to the States, the Healthy Start Initiative, and the Emergency Medical Services for Children and Traumatic Brain Injury programs, among others. Dr. van Dyck also is the executive secretary to the Secretary's Committee on Infant Mortality. As part of his work on the committee he has visited maternal and child hospitals in Afghanistan a number of times to help build their programs.

Prior to his current appointment, he was the first permanent director of MCHB's Office of State and Community Health, created to be more responsive to state issues related to the MCHB block grant. In this position, he provided guidance to states, established reporting requirements, coordinated technical assistance and developed national information and data systems which have built a national system of accountability for the Title V State programs.

Dr. van Dyck's resume is quite notable but what has been truly remarkable are his demonstrated abilities to gather around him colleagues who are smart, proactive and committed to the mission of improving maternal and child health for all including those who are most vulnerable; to work systematically with state and local programs to build accountable and effective systems; to keep a vision for positive change in the toughest of political and economic times, and to inspire and motivate disperse groups and constituencies to work for the public good for those most in need. Dr. van Dyck has been such a leader and it is our honor to have the opportunity to recognize his long standing contributions not only to our LEND programs but this nation's children, mothers, families and the professionals who work on their behalf."



Established in 1971, AUCD is a membership organization comprised of three national networks of interdisciplinary, university-based Centers dedicated to research, education, leadership training, policy development, and direct service for people with disabilities.