The Power of Youth: I Am Samuel Movie and the I Am Norm Campaign

April 21, 2011

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The eight-minute video. "IMPACT: Including Samuel - the Power of Youth," is presented by the non-profit organization Working Films and The Fledgling Fund, and directed by Jeremy Levine of Transient Pictures.  

"Including Samuel - The Power of Youth" brings you behind the scenes of the 2010 Youth Inclusion Summit, inspired and co-organized by the Including Samuel Project.

To learn how to use this campaign in your school, community or youth-serving organization, visit the I am Norm website and join the I am Norm Facebook group. 

"I am Norm" exploded onto the national scene in 2011 with a viral video, media coverage and keynote presentations across the United States. "I am Norm" youth leaders have presented at national conferences hosted by TASH, Kids Included Together, Inclusion Works, PEAK, VSA and the Girl Scouts of the Nation's Capital. "I am Norm" was a central component of National Inclusive Schools Week, and thousands have used the campaign media, buttons and educational guide to promote inclusion and challenge the concept of 'normalcy' across the United States.