AUCD's Statement on President Obama's New Budget Framework

April 14, 2011

Kim E. Musheno
Director of Public Policy


pdf File 2011 0414 obama budget aucd.pdf (620KB) [download]

AUCD applauds President Obama's overview of the Administration's new long term plan to bring our country's finances into balance without dismantling the safety net for millions of low and moderate-income families, children, students seniors, and people with disabilities. 

The President's framework is welcome because it incorporates the values inscribed in our nation's policy history of addressing the needs of people with disabilities and other vulnerable populations, supports their full inclusion in the social and economic fabric of our country and provides a means for their sustained progress toward greater independence. While we have not seen the details of the President's plan, AUCD supports the principle that would ask us to all work together to address the deficit by including cost savings as well as revenues so that all segments of our society participate and share the burden of this challenge while protecting our most vulnerable citizens.  The Federal budget represents our country's values and priorities.  AUCD supports a comprehensive approach and continues to believe that the Federal budget should uphold values of opportunity and economic security for all. 

AUCD urges the Administration and Congress to ensure that any budget proposal does not have the unintended consequence of reducing independence, productivity, and full participation of people with disabilities in the community.



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