Statement of the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities on the Budget

April 14, 2011


pdf File 2011 0414 obama budget ccd.pdf (55KB) [download]

CCD applauds the President for speaking out yesterday on the need to reduce the nation's deficit while protecting the nation's most vulnerable citizens including those who live with disabilities. CCD believes it is important that the White House and Congress work together to develop a budget plan that will truly address our nation's needs while at the same time provide support through critical programs like Medicare and Medicaid. We appreciate that the President has stated that he will not dismantle these programs or shift the burden to the states - many of which are dependent on federal support due to their own budget shortfalls.  Additionally, the President specifically stated that he will not tell families with children who have disabilities that they have to fend for themselves.

The CCD agrees with a balanced approach between spending cuts and tax reforms across the entire discretionary budget and not just in "non-security" funding. The President stated that his framework would seek a balanced approach to bringing down our deficit, with three dollars of spending cuts and interest savings for every one dollar from tax reform that contributes to deficit reduction - a solution consistent with the Fiscal Commission's approach.  This approach recognizes that neither deficit reduction nor balancing the budget can be reached solely on the backs of the poor, senior citizens or those with disabilities.

CCD hopes that over the course of the next few months the White House will work with a bipartisan, bicameral congressional delegation that will be charged with agreeing upon a legislative framework for comprehensive deficit reduction that will move our nation forward in a responsible way that acknowledges the need for reigning in spending while protecting people with disabilities and chronic health conditions.  CCD also urges the White House to continue to reach out to and work with the disability community in this critical effort.

The CCD is a national coalition of 115 organizations that advocate for and with millions of people with disabilities.

For more information contact:

Donna Meltzer, Chair, 301-918-3764
Jennifer Dexter, Fiscal Policy Co-Chair, 202-347-3066
Kim Musheno, Fiscal Policy Co-Chair, 301-588-8252