AUCD Applauds Sen. Richard Durbin for Introducing the Autism Service and Workforce Acceleration Act

Press Release, Text of the Bill and AUCD's Thank You Letter

April 14, 2011


pdf File ASWAA Press Release (60KB) [download]

pdf File Text of ASWAA S. 850 (64KB) [download]

pdf File AUCD Thank You letter to Sen. Durbin (249KB) [download]

Senate Majority Leader Richard Durbin introduced the Autism Services and Workforce Acceleration Act to addres the pressing need for trained professionals and providers to better serve children and adults with autism with the latest evidence-based information and effective practices. Furthermore, while early detection and treatment are essential, families of children with autism often face numerous obstacles for obtaining high quality services for their children. Similarly, adults with autism face long waiting lists and many barriers in obtaining appropriate community-based supports and services to enable them to participate fully in society. The Autism Services and Workforce Acceleration Act helps to address these issues by supporting the development of services and supports for youth transitioning from school to postsecondary opportunities or jobs as well as creating a national training initiative on autism and a technical assistance center to develop and expand interdisciplinary training and continuing education on autism spectrum disorders.