Autism Genetic Resource Exchange

April 15, 2011

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Founded in 1997, AGRE is the largest private, open-access repository of clinical and genetic information dedicated to help autism research. Used by researchers around the world, AGRE enables an unlimited number of scientists to join in the search for the factors that influence autism - discoveries that will lead us to more effective treatments, prevention, and possibly a cure for autism.

Currently, there are more than 150 research groups worldwide that are using the AGRE resource. AGRE samples have been cited in more than 165 science journals since the first publication in 2001.

There are more than 2,900 families actively participating in AGRE throughout the nation. Larger numbers of participants are needed to help accelerate discoveries in science, so we still need your help. AGRE is currently looking for families with two or more children diagnosed with autism, PDD, ASD, or Asperger's syndrome.

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