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May 18, 2011

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We hope you enjoy this preview copy of our new AUCD-NCBDDD Cooperative Agreement E-Newsletter, enhanced with social media features.  Because you are a key partner, we greatly value your feedback.  Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions so that we may include them in our upcoming Fall 2011 issue.

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Adriane K. Griffen, MPH, MCHES
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NCBDDD Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Series of Events Honor Achievement of Milestone

The National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) was established in April 2001 as a result of The Children's Health Act of 2000.  Since its establishment, NCBDDD has continued to bring a public health focus to the fields of birth defects, child development, blood disorders, and disability across the lifespan.  In 2011, NCBDDD and its partners are launching a series of events and activities spanning the year to honor the achievement of this milestone of progress, and showcase the exceptional work of its collective organizations.  NCBDDD 10 Years of Service Webpage

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Using Positive Parenting to Teach Child Development

CRA Leads to NCBDDD Learn the Signs. Act Early. Campaign Milestone Moments Booklet

View Milestone Moments Booklet English [PDF]
View Milestone Moments Booklet Spanish [PDF]

In 2008 Jennifer Burt, PhD, of the University of Nebraska was awarded a two year collaborative researcher award (CRA) through the AUCD-NCBDDD Cooperative Agreeement.  The purpose of this CRA project was to work with service providers and parents to develop resources to improve parent awareness of child development and the practices that support child well-being.  The newly developed resources will be a part of a parent-training program that supports parents who need more assistance to implement effective strategies for parents who desire more support in their parenting role and want to obtain the services they need to promote positive child outcomes.  The Milestones Moments book created with this CRA award is currently being used in several current RTOI projects

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AUCD-NCBDDD 2010 RTOI Explores Health Surveillance of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Project Team to Present at Health Frontier for Intellectual Disability Conference in May

View Project Description [PDF]

This RTOI project team set out with the goal of completing foundational work towards improving the surveillance of health of adults with intellectual disability (ID) in the United States. One component of the work includes developing recommendations about how to ensure that health surveillance covers the broadest range of this population as possible, extending beyond those community members who are receiving traditional state-agency funded DD/ID supports.  The project is interested in reaching out to community leaders who support people (directly or indirectly) who have an intellectual disability but do not receive state DD/ID agency supports, to learn about the types of supports people seek and receive, and the surveillance or data collection that they currently do.  This RTOI will be discussed at the May 23-26, 2011 Health Frontier for Intellectual Disabilities meetings and documented in the project reports, to be finalized later in 2011.  If you are aware of community groups that support significant numbers of people who have intellectual disability and are not served by their state's DD/ID, please contact the RTOI Principal Investigator, Alixe Bonardi.

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Kansas Living Well with a Disability Participants Share Success Stories

CDC Project Team Visits RTC/IL at the University of Kansas to Observe Successes

KS Living WellTwo women who have participated in a course called Living Well with a Disability through the Kansas Disability and Health Program shared their personal success stories with visitors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in March at a meeting hosted by the Research and Training Center on Independent Living (RTC/IL) at the University of Kansas.  Living Well with a Disability is a health promotion course that the RTC/IL provides in partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment's Disability and Health Program with funding from the CDC.  "Hearing these personal stories gives meaning to the data and other information that we report to the CDC," said Glen W. White, Ph.D., director of the RTC/IL. Representatives from the Kansas Disability & Health Program will be onsite at the June Disability & Health Partners Meeting.  (In the picture above from left: Veronica Thigpen, Lynn Niehaus, Jo Turner-Moats, Clarence Smith, Wilma Christensen, and Dianne Bradley.)

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