Tarjan Center at UCLA and SAGE Awarded Grant to Encourage Entrepreneurship for Youth with Disabilities

February 15, 2011

Website Link  http://www.semel.ucla.edu/tarjan/news/11/feb/08/tarjan-center-ucla-sage-awarded-210000-encourage-entrepreneurship-youth-disabi

The Tarjan Center at the Semel Institute at UCLA was awarded a $210,000 grant from The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation to encourage youth with disabilities to become entrepreneurs. The Tarjan Center will team up with Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE), an international network that helps teenagers start profitable, socially-conscious businesses.

As part of this grant, the Tarjan Center will be seeking to fund 4 current or potential SAGE teachers to include students with disabilities in SAGE activities. Each SAGE teacher should work with a disability education professional to ensure that at least six students with disabilities are included in all aspects of the SAGE process: starting a business, participating in day to day operations, holding a designated corporate position, developing the annual report, and participating in the SAGE national tournament. Selected SAGE teachers (and disability partners) will be designated as SAGE-Mitsubishi Inclusion Fellows. Students in selected SAGE teams will be designated as SAGE-Mitsubishi Inclusion Ambassadors.

To learn how to apply or become a SAGE teacher download the Request for Proposals and Application Template. The deadline for applications is April 29, 2011.