National MCH Training Strategic Plan Progress report, 2005-2010

October 13, 2010


pdf File mchtraining progress05-10 report.pdf (555KB) [download]

The MCH Training Program is pleased to provide you with the following report which highlights progress on the 2005-2010 National Plan for Maternal and Child Health Training. Congratulations on your significant accomplishments in the last 5 years!

As we approach the end of the action timeframe for the 2005-2010 National Plan for MCH Training, the MCH Training Program is initiating a strategic planning process to update our priority goals and strategies that will guide our collective work over the coming 5 years.

On October 19 we are convening colleagues representing each category of MCHB-funded training programs to help us think through the themes that should be central to our strategic planning initiative. This is the first step in what we anticipate will be a months long, extensive and open process. In this "Prelude to Planning: A Conversation to Inform Direction" meeting, we seek to answer this question: Considering the next five years, what are the five critical areas for which national leadership is needed in order to advance excellence in the education of MCH professionals?

A brief summary of that discussion will be shared with you soon after the meeting; we are asking meeting participants in your respective disciplinary programs to relay meeting highlights as well.

MCHB will convene a Strategic Planning Work Group early in the next calendar year which will include a range of internal and external stakeholders, including our grantee faculty and trainees, state and local Title V programs, and national family and policy organizations. This group will be charged with shaping the information collection that will be pursued through key informant interviews, focus groups, and other venues for gathering input from multiple constituencies of MCH training. The work group also will assist in analyzing information gathered in order to produce a preliminary set of draft goals and objectives. We will use multiple venues, including webcast town halls, internet postings, and a special section of the MCH Training Program website for soliciting feedback from current and future constituents.

This is a particularly appropriate time to examine future directions for MCH Training as the Maternal and Child Health Bureau initiates a new strategic direction focused on life course and social determinants of health.

I look forward to working with all of you as we begin this process together.

--Laura Kavanagh, MPP
Division of Research, Training and Education
Maternal and Child Health Bureau