Congressional Testimony on FOA by Family Members

January 22, 2007

From the Healthy Ready To Work National Resource Center:

Some family members may be asked to help other families and youth who want to provide testimony to their state legislators to support passage of FOA. Sometimes having a sample sure helps others believe that they too can craft their message to get heard.

We are proud to share these testimonies that were delivered today to the North Dakota state legislators: one from a well known family leader speaking as a private citizen and one from a youth leader, age 16-his first! Both as you can imagine were well received - the legislators remarked that Zach was most likely the youngest person to have provided testimony to this committee. Guess which testimony the legislators will remember tonight?

Youth have something to say - are we listening? Are we giving them opportunities to be heard?


Read the 01-22-07 testimony of Zach.

Read the 01-22-07 testimony of Donene.

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