2010 Annual Meeting Minutes

October 31, 2010

 Meeting Minutes

AUCD Council for Interdisciplinary Service

Annual Meeting October 31, 2010

9am - 11:30am

Fairfax  Room


Welcome and Introductions

•· Introductions and welcome; sign in sheet will be circulated


Agenda Approval and Addition

•· Agenda review; no additions; agenda stands as written


Roster/Listserv Update

Passed two sheets around: 1) Sign-in sheet for roster update; 2) Requests to be added to the CIS listserve, requests for CIS Sharepoint access


CIS Annual Meeting Minutes 11/8/2009

Meeting minutes were reviewed. Second bullet spelling change from UCEED to UCEDD. Sue Olsen made motion to accept the minutes; Becky Edmonson-Pretzel seconded. None opposed. Minutes as changed were accepted.


Historical Background of CIS

Beth Bryant-Claxton read a one page summary written by Lann Thompson (10/27/10) about the history of the CIS. See attached handout for details.

•·Louise Iwaishi mentioned that each center designates a CIS member. However, the meetings are not well attended.

•·Beth Bryant-Claxton - Based on the history of the Council, there was a deliberate shift away from making sure each discipline was represented but rather a representative from each center that is involved in overseeing interdisciplinary services.

•·Matt Braun: concern about the wording up on the website to sign up to be a member. Can they be on the listserve without being a member of CIS? Beth Bryant-Claxton mentioned that there were around 75 members of the listserve

•·Sue Olsen: Sue spent a great amount of time last year before the CIS meeting, updating the roster and asking people if they were still interested in being on the Council. Given her efforts, discussion moved to our need to encourage all that are represented to be more actively involved

•·Wendy Thomas: can more than one person per center attend CIS meeting/be a part of CIS? Becky Edmonson-Pretzel is in favor of allowing more than one person per center to attend the CIS meetings/be a part of CIS. Each program would get only one vote (e.g., NY would get three votes if three programs were represented). Question by Amy Hewitt: is there representation from both LEND and UCEDD's? Review of the bylaws on the web says UCE: the Council would like review of the bylaws and updating to include LEND. Lann Thompson, our past chair, is not part of a UCEDD.

•·Amy Hewitt: it would be helpful to know what people think "service" means. Jamie Perry: there has been some overlap between the training councils but this council (CIS) focuses on issues related to the provision of direct interdisciplinary services. Beth Bryant-Claxton offered the definition of "Interdisciplinary Practice" that was created in 2007 (AUCD webpage: Resources). Wendy Thompson suggested having suggestions of bylaw changes sent out to the listserve. Beth asked to table this discussion to the workgroup on website development/governance.

•·Louise Iwaishi: Is the purpose of the CIS to inform the Board? Beth Bryant-Claxton: to an extent (i.e., trainee reimbursement request).

•· Amy Hewitt: likes the idea of checking in with the AUCD Board about their expectations of the CIS.

•·Amy Hewitt: Do the Chairs of the Councils meet on a regular basis? It sounds like they do; however the large focus more recently has been in organizing the training symposium.  Beth Bryant-Claxton will explore that a little further. (Lann Thompson, in follow-up after the meeting: first year, chair of the councils had monthly call ½ hour for symposium but council chairs met first, but since April, focused on the symposium).



•1. Interdisciplinary Practice Using Technology (Wendy Thomas, Chair)

•·Wendy Thomas sent out drafts this past spring. Jamie has made slight modifications and waiting for George. Electronic survey would go out to each center director and would designate one person to fill this survey out via Survey Monkey.

•·Enter George Jesien: We did a survey a few years ago; but there wasn't great response. Struggling with how many/how often/ how long. The question becomes, how hard do we push? For example, we did a survey on autism and we used this information for the next two years on the Hill. What would be really helpful: 4 bullet: why, what will you do with it, what will you do with the information after the survey, who's the audience.  George: add, not only a picture, but get the council to recommend future action (regional training, grant TA activity).

•·Amy Goldman: Temple, PA. The whole area of teletherapy, etc. is an important one.  Issues: technology, reimbursement, licensure, etc. would be

•·Sue Olsen: efficacy, billing, reimbursement. Look at the survey to make sure it addresses it so that it encompasses all issues of tele-services. How are people getting reimbursed?

•·George Jesien: identify 2-3 programs doing exemplary, then we could support a webinar.

•· Sue Olsen: field test with this immediate group.  Wendy will send it out via email. Jamie: suggested to keep the questions multiple choice and short.

  Beth Bryant-Claxton: Lann asked the plenary speaker from Aetna last year about having insurance pay for interdisciplinary services; the speaker mentioned that the company can "test" this model out upon request; if it is cost effective, etc., they may adopt the practice. No specific follow-up was conducted.

•2. Assistive Technology (Glenn Headman, Chair)

•· Beth Bryant-Claxton: there is some overlap with the other technology group. The chair of this workgroup has asked Lann Thompson if there is still a need for this workgroup. There does not seem to have a lot of representation of this workgroup today. Beth Bryant-Claxton suggested that the other workgroups meet and there would be follow-up on whether to continue the AT workgroup. Amy Goldman is really interested in reviving the group's activity.

•3. CIS Website Development/Governance (Beth Bryant-Claxton filled in for Dalice Herzberg, Chair)

•·Operational rules have not been updated since 2004; this needs to be done. These changes must go through the Board. Members of the website workgroup to review both the operational rules and the other sections of the CIS webpage for language/content and make suggestions by Dec 15th.

•·Update website. Bruce Keisling will compare CIS webpage with the Training Director's Council webpage by Dec 15th, then workgroup will discuss changes.

•4.       Reimbursement (Matt Braun, Chair).

  Ongoing Questions: How are services rendered through electronic methods reimbursed? How are services rendered through an interdisciplinary model being reimbursed?

Follow-up with the SharePoint discussions conducted between last year and this year (3 comments so far). Matt Braun will do by end of 2011.

•·Develop bullet points from CMS regarding their regulations; statement from the CIS


Methods of communication for CIS membership and workgroups: use listserve, Sharepoint (Oksana Klimova at AUCD has developed a manual on how to use SharePoint). AUCD can support conference calls. Beth Bryant-Claxton would like to have monthly email contact with the workgroup chairs and maybe quarterly conference calls. Also frequent conference calls with the steering committee (Lann, Beth, Amy, Wendy). Would like everyone who is represented on the Council to be involved with one of the workgroups.


Other Issues

•·Models of Interdisciplinary Practice

Beth: Board would like some sort of document about how centers provide interdisciplinary practice. Can we add the billing as well? Matt: Could we have a trainee post the question to the training listserve?  Sue: the way you do things is sometimes designed by how you get reimbursed. We train by a different practice than what we really do in reality.  Jamie asked what the purpose of this topic is (billing or a broader perspective). Beth said it's both. Ongoing discussion.

•·Connecting with discipline-specific professional organizations: didn't get to this in meeting; will need to follow-up (Discipline roundtables, invite professional leadership, have roundtables and then maybe a joint session on interdisciplinary practice?)

•·Discipline Fact Sheets: didn't get to this in meeting; will need to follow-up


The CIS contact at AUCD is Rebecca Carman: rcarman@aucd.org