Vermont UCEDD Hosts Educators from Belarus

November 23, 2010

A group of educators and administrators from the Republic of Belarus visited the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion, Vermont's UCEDD, October 14 to learn about inclusive education in the United States. Visitors included principals, educators and legislative policy makers from the Eastern European republic. The visit was organized by PH International, a Waitsfield, Vermont based company that seeks to build a strong global community through international programs and interactions.

The 10 visitors met with Dr. Susan Ryan for an overall view of CDCI's efforts in special education. They then talked with personnel from the Vermont State I-Team, Universal Design for Learning at UVM, and Foundations for Early Education.

The visitors had countless questions about strategies for teaching, and expressed their desire to move forward in their county toward providing supports for all students. After each segment CDCI personnel were presented with gifts from Belarus, including artwork done by students with disabilities.