New Resources from Families USA for Long-Term Services and Supports Advocacy

Families USA has recently developed several new resources that highlight Long-Term Services and Supports provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

November 4, 2010

From Families USA:

The Affordable Care Act includes several provisions designed to expand access to home- and community-based services for people who need long-term care and improve long-term care security for everyone. Families USA has recently developed several new resources that highlight these provisions.

New Opportunities for States to Invest in Home- and Community-Based Services is a series of state-specific fact sheets that explore the new options available through the Affordable Care Act that states can use to expand home- and community-based services in Medicaid and how this expansion would benefit each state. This series, developed with support from the SCAN Foundation, is designed to give you the facts you need to help you advocate that your state adopt the new options and provide home- and community-based services. We are in the process of completing all of the state fact sheets, so if you don't see your state posted yet-please check back soon!

Help for Those Who Need Long-Term Care describes how the Affordable Care Act will help more people stay in their homes or the community (rather than moving to an institution) and why this help is needed.

Five Good Reasons Why States Shouldn't Cut Home- and Community-Based Services in Medicaid discusses how during these tough economic times for states, arguing for expansion of Medicaid home- and community-based services won't be enough-it will be necessary to fight cuts as well. This fact sheet will help you to develop a solid argument against cuts to these vital programs in your state.

Additionally, on October 7, we held a Health Action conference call covering expanded access to home- and community-based services in Medicaid. A recording of that call, as well as a link to the PowerPoint covered on the call, is available here:

Some of the programs to expand home- and community-based care are optional state Medicaid programs, and you'll need to advocate for your state to take up those programs. These new resources are designed to help you advance home- and community-based care expansions in your state.