2010 NSIP Grantees Announced

September 21, 2010

AUCD and the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) in Boston are pleased to announce three new NSIP grantees to improve in recruitment of people with disabilities, conduct outreach with economically distressed areas with a focus on National Service as a gateway to employment and/or post secondary education, Increased coordination and collaboration between the UCEDDs and the State Service Commissions in the development of policies and procedures that will lead to sustainable practices in program and service sites to meaningfully include people with disabilities in accordance with the SAA. This years competition also had a fellowship component and one fellowship was awarded:

  • Arizona-University of Arizona, Sonoran-Project and Fellowship 
    • PI: Leslie Cohen
  • Mississippi-University of Southern Mississippi, Institute for Disability Studies-Project
    • PI: Jerry Alliston
  • North Carolina-University of North Carolina, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities-Project
    • PI: Deborah Zuver

View the 2010 NSIP Grant Summaries

For more information about the National Service Inclusion Project, contact Paula Sotnik at the Institue for Community Inclsion in Boston (617-287-4343) or, Anne Riordan at AUCD (301-588-8252)