Georgia Babies Can't Wait Tracking System

January 31, 2004

Principle Investigator: Zolinda Stoneman, PhD
Institution: University of Georgia
Approximate Year 1 Funding: $97,000.00
RTOI #: 2004-02-07

The goal of this research is to provide additional development and validation of Georgia's Babies Can't Wait (BCW) Data Tracking System and to utilize this data system to address important questions of early intervention effectiveness.

Georgia's BCW is a national leader in data collection related to early intervention. Entry of child data by Health District staff to the BCW Data Tracking System began in August 1999 and continues at present. Data have been entered for all initial and annual IFSPs developed after June 30, 1999. Currently the BCW Data Tracking System has data for over 22,000 children.

The research proposed in this application has the following objectives:

  1. Develop and validate a system for analyzing the content of initial IFSP progress statements, focusing on:
    1. Whether the progress statement is child-focused or family-focused
    2. For child-focused statements, the developmental domain that is the focus of the statement
    3. The quality of writing and conceptualization of the progress statement
  2. Determine whether there is an association between the type of disability of the child and program success
  3. Determine whether there is an association between the make-up of the IFSP multidisciplinary team and (a) number and type of progress statements and (b) program success
  4. Determine whether there is an association between the services (type, intensity, location) provided to the child/family and program success
  5. Determine whether there is an association between the quality and type of progress statement written and success in meeting that outcome.

The research outlined in this application provides a unique opportunity to study the effectiveness of early intervention on an entire state population of children and families receiving Part C services.