Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children with Down Syndrome

January 31, 2005

Principle Investigator: Cordelia Robinson, Ph.D.
AUCD Institution: University of Colorado, JFK Partners
AUCD RTOI #: 2005-1/2-07

The purpose of this project is to conduct a population based study of the prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders among children with Down syndrome. All children with Down syndrome born in this study catchment area (10 Front Range Colorado counties) between January 1, 1996 through December 31, 2003 will be identified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment through the Special Needs Birth Registry. All families with a child with Down syndrome will receive an invitation to participate in this study. All families agreeing to participate will be administered the M-CHAT to screen the identified child. All families whose children screen positive will be offered an assessment to include in ADOS, the Differential Abilities Scale, the ADI (parent interview).

The primary analysis will focus on assessing for ASD in children with Down syndrome in this population based on sample. The measures collected will also permit a description of characteristics of this population of children with respect to issues that may impact the accuracy of the assessment for ASD.