Announcing the National Service Inclusion Project Award Competition 2010

June 24, 2010


NSIP intends to award up to 3 project grants in three categories for an 18-month project period for UCEDD and/or LEND programs in support the of NSIP project goals at the statewide level. In addition, NSIP intends to award up to 3 fellowship opportunities, also for an 18-month period. Applicants may apply for:

1.  A project with a fellowship: Up to three (3) grants may be made with a maximum award of $42,000.
2.  A project without a fellowship: Up to three (3) grants may be made with a maximum award of $32,000.
3.  A fellowship alone: Up to three (3) grants may be made with a maximum award of $10,000.

Project applications (with or without a fellowship) must:

1. Describe plans to collaboratively generate and implement strategies with a CNCS Grantee or CNCS State Office that will result in a measurable increase of applications from and enrollments of individuals with disabilities in national service.

2. Describe plans to work with a consumer and /or member-driven organization to achieve project goals. Such organizations include, but are not limited to: independent living centers, NDSC, SABE, and People First chapters. Applicants are encouraged to develop proposals and formal partnerships with consumer and/or member-driven organizations.

3. Identify one or more project priority areas under which it will focus its activities.  The three project priority areas are:

1. Improvement in recruitment of people with disabilities with the intent to boost enrollment.

2. Outreach and engagement with economically distressed areas with a focus on National Service as a gateway to employment and/or post secondary education.

3. Increased coordination and collaboration between the UCEDDs and the State Service Commissions in the development of policies and procedures that will lead to sustainable practices in program and service sites to meaningfully include people with disabilities in accordance with the SAA.

Fellowship applications (with or without a project) must:

1. Identify how the proposed fellowship will be consistent with the mission of CNCS and NSIP.

2. Describe any incentives, resources, or supplements that will be used to support the fellow (stipend, tuition remission, benefits, etc) in addition to the NSIP fellowship award.

3. Describe criteria for fellowship eligibility and plans to identify the fellow.

4. Describe the process of ensuring quality management of the fellowship.

5. Submit a case study with direct relevance to the Fellow's learning experience throughout the entire fellowship opportunity. Consideration for publication to a professional journal is desirable.

Note:  This funding is specifically targeted towards increasing the number of applicants and service members with disabilities in all national and community service programs, not those projects that only include individuals with disabilities. This competition will not support projects that promote a separate process for or segregated strategy of recruiting and placing individuals with disabilities. Applicants considering the fellowship option must read the supplemental form entitled "NSIP 2010 Fellowship Information", the document includes additional requirements for applying with the fellowship option.


This opportunity is open to all UCEDDs and LENDs, including those that have been previously funded. UCCEDs and LENDs who have never received an NSIP grant will receive a five (5) point scoring priority.

Deadline: August 13, 2010 by midnight eastern time

Link to RFP

NSIP will host  a conference call on July 7th at 2:00pm Eastern to provide additional information related to the RFP.  Dial-in Number: 1-866-951-1151, Conference Room Number: 8285998


NSIP: Jason Wheeler, (888) 491-0326 (voice/TTY)

AUCD: Anne Riordan (301) 588-8252 (voice)