2007: MCHB Strategic Plan Workgroups

March 4, 2007

MCHB Strategic Plan Workgroups

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  • Welcome from Laura Kavanagh, MPP, Training Branch Chief
  • Welcome from Dr. Peter van Dyck, MD MPH, Associate Administrator for MCH
  • Network activities on 2006 Joint Meeting topic: Emergency Preparedness (brief reports from LEAH, SPH, LEND and PPC)
  • MCH Strategic Plan Workgroups overview
  • Presentations by Workgroup representatives
    • A member of each workgroup will give a brief overview of deliverables being worked on by the group and description of the deliverable targeted for in-depth discussion at todays' meeting.
      • Reporting and Monitoring Workgroup
      • Family Centered Practice Workgroup
      • Trainee and Faculty Diversity Workgroup
      • Interdisciplinary Practice Workgroup
      • MCH Leadership Competencies Workgroup
  • Break into groups to workgroup groups
    • Participants will be asked to choose one of the following five breakout groups to discuss and provide feedback on the identified deliverable.
      • Reporting and Monitoring: Discussion of the draft tool to gather information from training program graduates regarding current work in underserved areas, with underserved population groups, and/or issues related to needs of underserved population groups
      • Family-Centered Practice: Facilitated discussion of draft indicators to identify and report on family-centered instruction
      • Trainee and Faculty Diversity: Discussion of draft guidelines and core elements of a plan to recruit and retain trainees from diverse backgrounds
      • Interdisciplinary Practice: Discussion on draft indicators to identify and report on interdisciplinary training
      • MCH Leadership Competencies: Facilitated discussion of draft MCH Leadership Competencies
  • Reports from breakout groups
  • Next Steps
  • Lunch served
  • Adjourn


Dr. Peter van Dyck
Laura Kavanagh
Dr. Peter van Dyck Laura Kavanagh
The Performance Measures perform Workgroup
The Performance Measures
A Workgroup
Workgroup Workgroup
A Workgroup

A Workgroup 


Meeting Logistics
When: Sunday, March 4: 7:30am-1:00pm. This meeting is being held in conjunction with the AMCHP conference. Joint meeting attendees are NOT required to register for AMCHP to attend this meeting.
Hotel: Crystal Gateway Marriott, Crystal City, VA. Room: Salon 1 & 2
Transportation: visit the AMCHP conference website.
Registration Cost: $0