NTDC Trainee Linkage Survey 2009

November 10, 2009


pdf File trainee linkage survey2009 1110.pdf (231KB) [download]

Making connections and networking successfully are critical skills for young professionals and trainees. Connecting trainees will facilitate networking activities, augment educational and professional opportunities, provide information about experiences in other locations, expand interdisciplinary knowledge, enhance leadership skills and create a sense of community and shared learning among programs, students and faculty across the network. This survey attempted to better understand what types of linkage activities are currently in place and what types of linkage activities programs are considering.


NTDC Authors:

Suzanne Pearson, MA; Center for Disabilities and Development, Iowa City, IA
Roland Ellis, MSW; Center for Disabilities, Sioux Falls, SD
Judith Holt, PhD; Utah Regional LEND; Salt Lake City, UT
Crystal Pariseau, MSSW; Association of University Centers on Disabilities; Silver Spring, MD