Health Care Reform Signing Celebration: An Historic Day

March 24, 2010

AUCD's Executive Director George Jesien was fortunate to receive an invitation from the White House's Kareem Dale, to represent AUCD at the 2010 Health Care Reform Signing Celebration. George sat in the audience and heard in-person the President thank the countless thousands who had been working for years on health care reform and describe the challenging journey ahead. What an historic day!

George's Photos View photos taken by George at the Health Care Signing Celebration on Flickr.
Signing Celebration View the video or read the transcript of the Celebration event George attended.  During the event, President Obama explains how the reform bill he signed into law earlier in the morning will make a positive impact in the lives of Americans at an event at the Department of the Interior in Washington, DC.
Health Care Reform Signing View the video or read the transcript of President Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a historic piece of legislation that will expand health insurance coverage to millions of Americans and put an end to the worst insurance industry practices.