Child Health Day, October 5, 2009: Focus on the Medical Home

October 5, 2009


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President Obama has issued a proclamation designating October 5, 2009 as Child Health Day. His words highlight our nation's obligation to provide affordable, high-quality care for all children.  View the full-text of the President's Proclamation at right.


National Child Health Day, originally proclaimed by President Calvin Coolidge in 1928, provides an opportunity to focus the Nation's attention on the importance of the health and well-being of children.

This year's Child Health Day is on October 5 and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)/National Center for Medical Home Implementation is celebrating by highlighting medical home since it is such an important part of improving the health for all children and youth.

Medical home is defined as a model of delivering primary care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective (American Academy of Pediatrics).