Aging and End of Life Webinar Series

September 28, 2009

Sponsored by AAIDD, AUCD, The Arc, ANCOR, the AAIDD Gerentology Division, and the RRTC on Aging & DD at UIC, the Aging and End of Life Webinar Series offers the disability community the opportunity to learn from leading experts about this critical but difficult time of support in the life of someone with developmental disabilities. Webinars are scheduled for the third Wednesday each month, September 2009 through February 2010.

The first webinar, Key Issues in Health Care Decision Making & End of Life Care: How to Use Person-Centered Practices was held September 16, and had over 450 participants across the US and Canada; the PowerPoint presentation is available for download at the link above.

The second webinar, Competence and Compassion: Critical Qualities in Effective Supports for Individuals with Dementia, is scheduled for October 21, 2009. Registration is open at the link above.