Multicultural Council Minutes

November 8, 2004



Names, Centers, and Interests (please see attached attendance sheet organized by center). The meeting was facilitated by Kimberly and Marisa.

Introduction of Council and Newly Elected Officers

  • Chair - year 2: J. Kimberly Walker-Norton
    • OIDD Administrative Manager & Co-Director
    • CDRC Multicultural Task Force
    • Oregon Institute on Disability & Development
    • Oregon Health & Science University
    • Child Development and Rehabilitation Center
  • Vice-Chair Marisa Brown, MSN, RN
    • Community Education Director
    • Georgetown UCEDD
    • Georgetown University
  • Secretary Gemma D. Skillman, PhD
    • Diversity Coordinator & LEND Clinical Psychology Discipline Head
    • Center for Disabilities
    • The University of South Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences


Review of the 2003-2004 Council Activities

  • Multicultural Council Award for Leadership in Diversity - This award is given at the Annual Awards (Banquet/Breakfast) during the AUCD meeting. Tokesha, Kimberly, and Allison Ball were instrumental in creating and developing criteria for the award. Recipients of the award:
    • 2003 - Tawara Goode, Cultural Diversity Coordinator of the Georgetown Center for Child and Human Development
    • 2004 - Glenn T. Fujiura, Ph.D., Institute on Disability & Human Development, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Cultural Competence Survey
    • With shared guidance and support among the Multicultural Council, the Board, and AUCD staff, the Cultural Competence and Responsiveness Survey was implemented. On the first portion of the survey, 87% of the network responded (UCEDD's and LEND's), with a total of 44 programs.
    • Discussion focused upon factors that may have contributed to a good response rate from the network: how the most current funding cycle for LEND/MCHB included cultural competence as one of 5 major areas of emphasis; many centers conduct satisfaction surveys of consumers and families; and that consumer advisory committee's have also placed diversity/cc as central to their activities.
    • Considerable discussion focusing upon the role of the Multicultural Coordinator for each center with the following considerations noted:
      • What is the coordinator's responsibility and level of involvement at each center? Is this a funded position, where the absence of funding could lead to deficiency in addressing multicultural issues and cultural competency?
      • Identifying the current Multicultural Coordinators, and obtaining information regarding "a" above, that the council can begin to compile and develop a list of coordinators who could assist centers in the training of new coordinators and/or help problem-solve and provide technical assistance.
      • For next year's meeting at the Summit, a workshop/concurrent session could focus upon training and support of Multicultural Coordinators. Perhaps exemplar centers and their programs could be involved in this workshop/concurrent session. The focus would be developing a list of resources and best practices for the network and members.




















Annual Meeting Workshop - 2004


Successful Partnerships: The Role of Cultural Brokering
Marissa Brown, MSN, RN, Georgetown University, Center for Child and Human Development, Paula Sotnik, and Matt McCollough


Annual Meeting Concurrent & Poster Session - 2004

  • Top Down and Grassroots Up: Two Strategies for Building Statewide Collaborative Partnerships in Cultural Competence & Achieving Cultural and Linguistic Competence. Bill Gaventa-The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center, NJ; Marisa Brown & Other Members of the AUCD Multicultural Committee
  • AUCD's Multicultural Council: Progress and Highlights of UCEDD Partnerships with Diverse Communities. Kimberly Walker-Norton-Oregon Institute on Disability & Development; Paula Sotnik-Institute for Community Inclusion, MA

Board of Directors Meeting Updates

The Board continues to provide support and guidance to the to the council. Acknowledgement of the important role that Mat McCollough has played as AUCD staff and council member was made.




Survey Next Steps


Network Strategic Plan - Questions arose regarding how the council can facilitate member completion of the survey. Discussion followed regarding the possibility of council members and allies in contacting non-participating members of the survey to address questions and concerns and to encourage their involvement.

AUCD Board Matrix


Reviewing, Updating and Planning - The Board Matrix, where related to the Multicultural Council participation, will need reviewing and updating by council members. A workgroup is being developed with the following people expressing interest: Kimberly, Marisa, Carolyn, Susan, Paula, Gordon, Jean Snoddy, and Desarae Powell. A call for additional workgroup members will be announced on the listserve. Areas of further discussion regarding the matrix involves the shared interests and partnership between the MC and CoCA regarding meaningful participation and leadership within the network.

Council By-Laws


Due to limited time, no detailed discussion was possible regarding the MC By-Laws in relation to its interface with the Board Matrix. Kimberly raised the possibility of the MC name change to more accurately reflect activities of the council.