Guy Lotrecchiano, PhD, Named Director of CNMC (DC) LEND

July 30, 2009

As of July 1, 2009, Gaetano (Guy) R. Lotrecchiano, PhD, assumed the role of Principal Investigator and Director of the DC Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (DC LEND) Program.

In a letter to the LEND Community, Mark Batshaw, MD, Chief Academic Officer at Children's National Medical Center (CNMC) stated:

"As you know I have been involved with LEND my entire career and seven years ago I wanted to establish a LEND program here at CNMC. When we obtained the award, Guy worked with me to establish the program. Guy's work has been key to the LEND program since its funding in 2004. He has been successful not only in establishing a LEND program but has fashioned an intra-city program with numerous DC university affiliates and schools that has been viewed as an ideal model for LENDs nationwide. He was instrumental in cultivating strong ties with Howard University's Pathway program, has designed and directed three engagement programs that ensure outlets for our trainees to provide technical assistance and involvement with the populations we serve, and has managed to secure long term funding from HRSA with expansion programs in autism spectrum disorders and pediatric audiology, making the DC LEND program one of the few programs possessing all of these funded awards.

I am confident that through his leadership and the support of our DC LEND faculty, Guy will be able to continue to secure success for the LEND program. I plan to continue to be an active member of the LEND program. Please welcome Guy upon his well deserved promotion."