AUCD Announces 2009 Expanding Opportunities Evaluation Competition

July 13, 2009


pdf File 2009 Expanding Opportunities Evaluation Competition.pdf (27KB) [download]

Purpose of this Funding Opportunity

AUCD intends to fund one project with a 6-month project period and a maximum budget of $8,000 to conduct an evaluation using a case study approach that provides an in-depth analysis of the experience and outcomes in four states (Florida, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Wisconsin) which have implemented initiatives to increase the inclusion of young children with disabilities in community-based settings and activities.

The expected products of this project are: (a) 4 written "stand alone" case studies (one per state) that are suitable for distribution to provider, state, and federal audiences within a technical assistance context and (b) one brief (i.e., 10 pages or less) summative report that outlines the methodology and primary findings of the evaluation project.

 Each case study is expected to examine and describe:

  • The impact on state systems and inclusive opportunities for young children with disabilities in community-based settings and activities as a result of the state's participation in Expanding Opportunities
  • The processes that contributed to successful implementation of work supported under Expanding Opportunities
  • The challenges that were encountered and how they were addressed


Request for Proposal Available: July 13, 2009

Proposal Due: August 15, 2009 by midnight EST

Amount of Award: $8,000

Project/Budget Duration: 6 Months

Expected Start Date: September 1, 2009


This opportunity is limited to staff and faculty of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs) or Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and other Disabilities (LENDs). The award may be made to an individual, team, or the Center itself.

Previous Evaluation for this project can be viewed here.

Call for Reviewers If you are interested in reviewing proposals received for this competition, please send your name, contact information, and vita to Dawn Rudolph at