CAAI Evaluation NIRS Module: Resources

July 2, 2010


ppt File NIRS webinar slides from Insight.ppt (184KB) [download]

CAAI Evaluation in NIRS Module 2010

Insight Policy Research and AUCD conducted a webinar on Tuesday, June 29th. This webinar described and demonstrated the NIRS "CAAI Module."

Insight is conducting the CAAI evaluation under an agreement with MCHB. The evaluation uses a number of data gathering strategies, one of which is a brief quantitative collection through NIRS via the CAAI Module. The module will open on Thursday, July 1, 2010 and deadline for submitting your data through NIRS will be Saturday, July 31, 2010.


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For questions on the content and intent of the evaluation module, please contact Insight Policy Research:

For the LEND Evaluation: Claire Wilson,  703-504-9484 or Alex Suchman, 703-504-9487

For the DBP Evaluation: Bryan Johnson, 703-504-9482 or Alex Suchman, 703-504-9487


For questions or technical assistance in using NIRS or the module, please contact AUCD by phone at 301-588-8252, or email Crystal Pariseau, or Corina Miclea