Chris Ikonomidou, MD, PhD (Waisman UCEDD) Awarded International Michael Prize for Epilepsy Research

June 22, 2009

Chris Ikonomidou, MD, PhD
Chris Ikonomidou, MD, PhD

Complied by Linda Rowley, Waisman Center


Waisman Center researcher Chris Ikonomidou received the 2009 Michael Prize for Outstanding Epilepsy Research Performed by Young Investigators (under the age of 45).  Awarded every two years, the Michael Prize is an international award that reflects a body of work. The Michael Prize was awarded for the first time in 1963 to stimulate epilepsy research in Germany; it is now one of the most highly regarded international awards for the best contribution to scientific and clinical research promoting further development in epileptology.  The prize winners, determined by a jury of peers, emphasizes the importance of carrying out laboratory research that can be translated into care for patients.

Dr. Ikonomidou's research is focused on understanding how the developing brain reacts to various insults and the identification of ways to protect it. The knowledge gained may help optimize therapeutic interventions in infants born prematurely, infants and children with brain injuries, seizures, neurodevelopmental disorders or cancer. Her research also focuses on how environmental factors may interfere with normal brain development and cause neurologic impairment.