Guidance and Tools Available to Help Pediatric Practices Qualify and Quantify Care in the Medical Home

June 12, 2009

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Building Your Medical Home is a Web site designed to support the development or improvement of a pediatric medical home (defined as primary care that addresses and integrates high-quality health promotion, acute care, and chronic-condition management in a planned, coordinated, and family-centered manner). The Web site, produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics' National Center for Medical Home Implementation, is organized into the following six building blocks:

  1. care partnership support
  2. clinical care information
  3. care-delivery management
  4. resources and linkages
  5. practice-performance measurement
  6. payment and finance

Each block contains guidance and tools for improving care while also meeting national standards for quality. The tools and related information may be used as they are provided or adapted to meet specific practice needs.