AUCD Legislative News In Brief Special Report on the President's FY10 Budget

May 13, 2009

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The President released his detailed budget proposal for FY 2010 on May 7.  The proposal provides reserve funds of $600 billion to begin reforming the health care system, which the Administration hopes will ultimately help to restore the country's economy and financial stability. To fund some of the President's new initiatives, the Administration's budget is very tight with $17 billion in proposed budget cuts and proposals to eliminate 121 programs that are deemed duplicative or ineffective.  Earmarks are also cut from the bill. Investments through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA-stimulus funding) are frequently referred to as justification for level funding for many human services and education programs, although there are exceptions and inconsistencies with this general rule.

The Administration on Children and Families takes the biggest cut under the Departments of Health and Human Services, many of which were one time earmarks.  Under the proposed budget, most disability discretionary programs would be frozen or only slightly increased.  The President proposes to level-fund the UCEDDs and other DD Act programs.  However, there are increases for CDC, NIH, and HRSA that would benefit our network programs.  The HRSA Autism and other DD programs that provide funding for the LENDS would get a $6 million increase, $1 million more than the $48 million authorized for those programs in FY 10.  NICHD would receive a $19 million increase over FY 09 and the CDC Birth Defects and DD Center would receive a $4 million increase over FY 09.  A table comparing the President's budget with FY 09 and 08 numbers within the Departments of Health and Human Services and Education and a brief analysis with more details about other department requests are below. As you know, the Congress will consider the President's recommendations but does not have to accept the Administration's recommendations as it begins to assemble the 12 annual spending bills beginning in June.

FY 2010 Labor, HHS, ED Appropriations Bills Compared (in millions)

  FY2008 FY2009 FY2010
 Administration for Children and Families        
 University Centers for Excellence in DD  36.9 38.0


 DD Councils  72.5  74.0 74.0
 Protection & Advocacy Systems
 39.0  40.0 40.0
 Projects of National Significance
 14.0  14.0 14.0
 Health Resources and Services Administration
 Maternal & Child Health Block Grant
 659.0 662.0
 Combating Autism Act - Autism & other DD
 36.4 42.0
 Centers for Disease Contrion & Prevention
 National Center on Birth Defects & DD
127.3 138.0 142.0 +4.0
 National Institutes of Health
 National Institute of Child Health
 & Human Development