Responsibilites of Liaison Appointments to Other AUCD Committees, Workgroups, and Task Forces

October 3, 2005


  1. Work with the AUCD committee/task force/work group and Consumer Council to mutually identify and respond to the needs of consumers within the framework of AUCD.
  2. Identify, facilitate and oversee collaboration/coordination strategies.


  1. Share information on relevant activities between the two groups. Present brief updates on relevant information at each Consumer Council meeting.
  2. Represent the interests of UCEDD Consumers and the AUCD Consumer Council within the assigned AUCD committee/task force/work group.
  3. Obtain input from Consumer Council on activities of the AUCD committee/task force/work group that strongly impact consumer involvement. Coordinate these developments with the Chairs of the two groups.
  4. Request the Consumer Council Chair to place Liaison information sharing update on Consumer Council meeting agenda as far in advance as possible prior to the Spring and Fall Council meetings.
  5. Submit Liaison items requiring Consumer Council action, in writing, to Council Co-Chair to distribute with agendas at least 60 days prior to the Spring and Fall Council meetings.

Consumer Council Liaison Appointments and Alternates

  • Interdisciplinary Council
  • National Outreach Training Directors Council
  • Training Directors Council
  • Caucus on Cultural Diversity
  • Aging Work Group
  • Assistive Technology Work Group
  • Early Intervention Work Group
  • AUCD Outcome Measures Work Group
  • Consumer Organization Liaison Committee
  • Information and Data Systems Committee
  • International Committee
  • Legislative Affairs Committee
  • Multicultural Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Policy Analysis and Planning Committee
  • DD Act Task Force
  • Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Task Force - Paula Lalinde (FL)/ Sharon Jodock-King (WA)
  • OSEP Task Force - Tracy Price Johnson (CO)/ Barbara Levitz (Valahalla)
  • Health Care Reform Task Force - Karen Irick (SC)/ Kathy Pounds (MS)
  • Social Welfare Task Force - Karen Irick (SC)
  • Inclusive Communities Task Force - Bonnie Kowal (MI)
  • Technical Assistance Task Force - Jesse Wechsler (UCLA)/ Kathy Perry (MD)
  • TA Consumer Committee (FY 1996 AUCD TA Contract) - Kendall Corbett (WY)
  • Distance Learning Task Force - Linda Coleman (NM)
  • RSA/NIDRR Task Force - John Youngbauer (KS)/ Ed Turner (VA)