Guidelines for COLA Business

October 4, 2005

Guidelines for COCA Business 

  • No more than 60 days after Consumer Council Meetings: Consumer Council Secretary disseminates meeting minutes to Consumer Council membership.
  • Before Consumer Council meetings: Consumer Council Subcommittee meetings are convened by the groups' Chair. These meetings can be conducted at the Spring and Fall AUCD meetings or via conference call.
  • At least 60 days before Consumer Council meetings:
    • Chairs of Subcommittees submit brief minutes and written recommendations (or other items requiring Council action) to Co-Chair.
    • Consumer Council Liaisons and other Consumer Council members shall be on the meeting agenda for sharing information items and concerns, and/or submit verbal or written report to be considered for Council action.
  • At least 45 days before Consumer Council Meetings: Consumer Council Executive Committee is convened by the Co-Chairs via conference call to review written recommendations or other items requiring action and to finalize the meeting agenda.
  • At least 30 days before Consumer Council Meetings: Co-Chairs disseminate meeting agenda (including recommendations/action items to be addressed, and Subcommittee minutes) to Consumer Council membership.
  • Business Meetings:
    • Fall Consumer Council Business Meeting (AUCD Annual Meeting).
    • Spring Consumer Council Business Meeting (AAMR Annual Meeting).
  • Standing Meeting Agenda Items:
    • Update Council Membership Roster
    • AUCD Board of Directors Report and Needed Action
    • Consumer Council Subcommittee Reports and Needed Action
    • Liaison Reports and Needed Action
    • Old Business
    • New Business
    • Consumer Involvement in UCEDDs and AUCD Decision
    • Information sharing and concerns
    • Summary of Meeting Decisions and Assignments
    • Meeting Evaluation