Guidelines for COLA Business

July 2, 2020

Guidelines for COLA Business 

Full Council Meetings:

  • Convened once per quarter in a calendar year
  • (3) Meetings via web conference
  • The meeting in the last quarter of the calendar year is convened at the AUCD Annual Conference and Meeting.

Steering Committee Meetings:

§  Convene in months when the Full Council does not meet

  • Meetings via web conference

Standing Meeting Agenda Items:

  • Co-Chairs Report
  • Secretary Report
  • Regional Representatives and Council Liaison Reports
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Information sharing and concerns
  • Summary of Meeting Decisions and Assignments


Election of Officers

There will be two Co-Chairs; one who identifies as a person with a disability and one who identifies as a family member of a person with a disability. Each Co-Chair serves one 3-year term. The election of the Co-Chairs should be staggered. The election of the Co-Chairs will occur during the last quarterly Full Council meeting before the AUCD Annual Conference and Meeting. To be eligible for the Co-Chair position, an individual must be a member of the Council and receive written assurance of financial support from their director to travel for AUCD Board meetings. The members need to be from a UCEDD, LEND, or IDDRC program and if a network member has at least two of these programs, then only one representative from each specific program is eligible to be elected co-chair.

The Secretary will continue to be elected during the Council meeting at the AUCD annual meeting.