Report Offers Solutions for Reducing Hardship Among Families Caring for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

March 14, 2009

Breaking the Link between Special Health Care Needs and Financial Hardship discusses the prevalence and depth of financial hardship for families of children and youth with special health care needs and explores state-based financing strategies and programs aimed at reducing the financial strain on families. The report, published by the Catalyst Center, provides data on the scope of the problem, illustrates the impact that coverage and financing gaps have on the lives of real families, and describes promising practices and models. Topics include the primary ways a child's or youth's special health care needs may bring financial hardship to families; state-to-state differences in the way programs that serve children, youth, and families are implemented; and the administrative burden on parents when traditional public and private financing sources do not meet their needs. Examples of specific state programs and financing strategies and selected resources are included. The report has been prepared as a resource for policymakers and to support conversations among advocates, families, payers, and Title V programs at both the state and national levels. The report is available here [pdf].


Source: MCH Library