Interdisciplinary Training Guide (3rd Ed)

November 1, 2001

Training guide image

The original edition of this guide is about 20 years old, and set a high standard. The second edition was dubbed a "touch up" of the first and was published in 1989. Now, over a decade later, the third edition's time has come.

While the concept of interdisciplinary training may appear reasonably straightforward, the operational mechanics of developing and running an interdisciplinary training program can be quite challenging. This guide, like those before it, provides a framework from which flexible and variable programs can operate to train future leaders in the field of developmental disabilities. This Interdisciplinary Training Guide is designed to assist the new training director as well as the veteran. It can help a new director consider the training program(s) offered at his/her UCE. Likewise, the experienced training director can use the guide to review ideas, re-think potential topics, or expand already existing offerings. We hope the guide will also assist training directors preparing for site visits and writing grant applications.