Core Curriculum: Massachusetts

September 1, 1999



Core Courses on Developmental Disabilities
Institute on Community Integration UCEDD & LEND
Boston Children's Hospital

CORE I: Developmental Disabilities: Evaluation, Assessment, Families & Systems - Presents the interdisciplinary role individuals play in the evaluation and assessment of people with developmental disabilities. It follows a developmental sequence (infants and young children to school age, transition and issues of aging). Perspective of family members and individuals with disability is emphasized, as are issues of culture.

CORE II: Developmental Disabilities: Values, Policy, and Change - Presents the "large picture" focusing on state agencies (e.g., DMR, P&A), policy issues (e.g., managed care, ADA), and values (e.g., quality of life, what families want).

Targeted Students: Graduate and post graduate students, fellows and interns. Course credit offered from six area universities. Interdisciplinary students accepted both through the Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental Disabilities (LEND) program and through other UAP training opportunities.

Contact person: David T. Helm, Ph.D.
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