Core Curriculum: Indiana

September 1, 1999



Interdisciplinary Training Program
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community UCEDD
Indiana University

The Institute offers a core course each spring semester. In addition, students from a variety of disciplines work as practicum students, graduate assistance, and research associates within each of the eight Centers that comprise the Institute, which offer research, training, and technical assistance opportunities across the life span.

Core Course: Interdisciplinary Seminar on Developmental Disabilities

UNIT I: Laying the Groundwork: Perspectives in the Disability Field
Jan. 9: Laying the Groundwork...Overview/Library Tour (Course Instructors)
Jan. 11: Philosophical Perspectives (Vicki Pappas)
Jan. 16: Legislative Perspectives (Marilyn Irwin)
Jan. 18: Human Service Systems Perspectives (Vicki Pappas)
Jan. 23: Contemporary Government Perspectives (Bob Marra/State Director of Special Education)
Jan. 25: Historical Overview of Consumer Involvement (Muriel Lee/Parent Advocate)
Jan. 30: Synthesis/Class Discussion about Readings and Presentations

UNIT II: Changing Expectations in the Disability Field
Feb. 1: Early Childhood (Michael Conn-Powers)
Feb. 6: Legislative Issues (Marilyn Irwin)
Feb. 8: Public School Education (Barbara Wilcox/School of Education/IUPUI Dean)
Feb. 13: Employment (Suzi Rinne/Employment Team)
Feb. 15: Residential Services (Mike Morton, Bureau of Developmental Disability Services)
Feb. 20: Aging (Phyllis Kultgen)
Feb. 22: Leisure and Recreation (Don Rogers/Recreation & Parks Administration)
Feb. 27: Synthesis/Class Discussion about Readings and Presentations

UNIT III: Ways to Fulfill Changing Expectations
Feb. 29: Collaborative Consultation Models in Early Childhood (M.Conn-Powers)
Mar. 5: Personal Futures Planning (Kathy Osborne and Jenny Todd)
Mar. 7: Assistive Technology (Mary Beth Janes)
Mar. 19: Consumer/Family Empowerment (Sharon Ely/Parents Panel)
Mar. 21: Sexuality (Ellen Brantlinger, Professor of Special Education)
Mar. 26: Positive Behavior Supports (Steve Buckman/Positive Behavior Support Team)
Mar. 28: Positive Behavior Supports (continued)
Apr. 2: Medical Issues in Schools (Norma Roper/MCCSC School Nurses)
Apr. 4: Synthesis/Class Discussion about Readings and Presentations

UNIT IV: Changing Orientations of Professionals
Apr. 9: Education (Henry Schroeder)
Apr. 11: School Psychology (Russell Skiba/Professor of Counseling and Ed Psych)
Apr. 16: Speech and Language (Beverly Vicker)
Apr. 18: Motor Development (Kim Davis and an OT)
Apr. 23: Social Work (Kathy Byers, Professor of Social Work)
Apr. 25: Community-focused Health Care (Melinda Swensen, Professor of Nursing)
Apr. 30: Synthesis/Class Discussion about Readings and Presentations
May 2: Final Examination

Targeted Students: Targeted for masters and doctoral level students. The course is cross-listed in Special Education; Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; and Social Work. It may also be taken as an independent study in the department of a students choice, upon approval of the student's advisor or the department chair.

Contact person: Vicki Pappas, Ph.D., Director of interdisciplinary Training
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
Indiana University
2853 East 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408
Phone: 812-855-6508
TT: 812-855-9396
FAX: 812-855-9630
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