Core Curriculum: Georgia

September 1, 1999



Interdisciplinary Training Curriculum
Georgia University Affiliated Program
University of Georgia at Athens

Description: The IHDD Interdisciplinary Training Curriculum is offered on a continuing basis and is a set of six content areas that include readings, videos, and exercises with accompanying seminars. This training curriculum is equivalent to 20 hours of training.

CHFD 7970: Interdisciplinary Team Process and Collaboration
The support of individuals with disabilities and their families through team-oriented collaboration. Team models, organizational aspects of teams, individual roles and attitudes, interpersonal factors, individual and group diversity, and leadership are addressed in relation to successful collaboration.

IHDD 6000: Critical Issues in Disability Studies (New course to be taught for the first time in Spring semester 2000)
Contemporary issues impacting people with disabilities and their families. Self-determination, disability rights, inclusion, person-centered approaches, legislative/legal issues, transition from school to adulthood and supported employment, and personal issues of people with disabilities will be addressed. The course presents a lifespan perspective.

Becoming an Institute at UGA allows us to offer courses with our own prefix. We are in the process of developing other courses and a certificate program in Disability Studies.

Contact person: Gail Hoge, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Training Coordinator
850 College Station Road
Athens, GA 30602
[email protected]
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