Core Curriculum: Delaware

September 1, 1999



Disabilities Studies Minor
The Center for Disabilities Studies
University of Delaware

Description: The minor in Disabilities Studies provides a unique interdisciplinary opportunity for undergraduate students to pursue an understanding of the needs and challenges of individuals with disabilities and to relate these issues to the student's major field of study.

There are 3 required course in the minor and 3 elective courses. The elective courses, are selected from each of the following topic areas: (a) Human Development, (b) Social Systems, and (c) Service Delivery Method. At least one of these courses must also be from outside the requirements of the student's major and outside of his/her major department.

Targeted Students: This is an interdisciplinary minor, students from any undergraduate program at the University my enroll in the minor.

Contact person: Dr. Carol R. Denson.
Phone: 302-8312-8537