2005 Annual Meeting

September 21, 2005

Paul White, Waismann Center, Madison, WI
Susan Vig, Rose Kennedy Center, Bronx, NY
Michelle Schladant, Mailman Center, Miami, FL
Susan Edelman, Center on Disability and Community Inclusion, Burlington, VT
Scott Lindgren, Center for Disabilities and Development, Children's Hospital, IA
Mary Kay Rizzolo, Institute on Disability and Human Development, Chicago, IL
Barbara Hanley, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, OH

I. CIS survey
The outcomes of the survey were reviewed. A decision was made to have three task forces. 1) Definition or redefinition of interdisciplinary, 2) combined "branding" with reimbursement issues and 3) ICD 10 classification.

The members in attendance described their areas of interest for the task groups:

  1. Definition or redefinition of interdisciplinary
    • Paul White (&/or branding), pwhite@waisman.wisc.edu
    • Chigee Cloninger (&/or branding), chigee.cloninger@uvm.edu
    • Sue Olsen, sue@cpd2.usu.edu
    • Michelle Schladant (or branding), MSchladant@med.miami.edu
    • Sammuel Zinner, szinner@u.washington.edu
    • Stephanie Adams, sadams@uky.edu
    • Susan Hetherington, susan_hetherington@urmc.rochester.edu
    • Patricia Prelock, patricia.prelock@uvm.edu
  2. "Branding" with reimbursement issues
    • Scott Lindgren, Committee Chair, scott-lindgren@uiowa.edu
    • Paul White (&/or interdisciplinary), pwhite@waisman.wisc.edu
    • Susan Vig, svig@aecom.yu.edu
    • Chigee Cloninger (&/or interdisciplinary), chigee.cloninger@uvm.edu
    • Michelle Schladant (&/or interdisciplinary), MSchladant@med.miami.edu
    • Mary Kay Rizzolo, mrizzo3@uic.edu
    • Beth Bryant, bbryant@wihd.org
    • Shelly Grinde, sgrinde@usd.edu
  3. ICD 10 classification
    • Mark Innocenti, Co-Chair, mark.innocenti@usu.edu
    • Dalice Hertzberg, alice.hertzberg@uchsc.edu

II. Information shared by Scott Lindgren related to AUCD "Brand"-see attachment

III. Next Steps

  1. Identify a chairperson for Interdisciplinary and ICD classification committees.
  2. Have each member of CIS committee choose a committee to participate on.
  3. Complete a series of conference calls. Barbara Hanley will get information from Paula Hirt as to how to set up the calls.
  4. Identify goals and objectives for each committee.