AUCD Board Elections 2008: Dr. Robert Marion (NY RFK UCEDD/LEND) to Begin AUCD Board Term

October 24, 2008

Bob Marion
On behalf of the 2008 Nominating Committee (Kathleen Braden, MD; Bonnie Lynch, PhD; Gordon Richins; and Phil Wilson, PhD) we are pleased to announce that Robert Marion, MD, UCEDD and LEND Director from the Rose F. Kennedy Center, has been elected as an At-Large member of the AUCD Board for the three year term of 2008-2011.

We thank the nominees, nominators, and all those who voted for their participation in the 2008 election process.  We congratulate and welcome Bob Marion to the AUCD Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Kiernan, PhD, AUCD Board President

Lu Zeph, EdD, 2008 Nominating Committee Chair