Changes at Georgia UCEDD Announced

September 18, 2008


On August 1st, the Marcus Institute University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) moved to Georgia State University (GSU) as part of a larger re-organization.  The clinical service programs of the Marcus Institute were acquired by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (Children's) and will operate as the Marcus Center on Autism.  For the remainder of the fiscal year, the UCEDD program, directed by Dr. Daniel Crimmins, will be administered though the Center for Healthy Development within the College of Health and Human Sciences.  The Center for Healthy Development, directed by Dr. John R. Lutzker, will also house the National SafeCare Training and Research Center, which is directed by Dr. Daniel Whitaker.  All will hold faculty appointments in the GSU Institute of Public Health.

GSU is the second largest university in Georgia and the largest urban university in the southeast.  The College of Health and Human Sciences is one of six colleges making up the university; the others include Arts and Sciences, Education, Business, Law, and Public Policy. The university has a specific commitment to interdisciplinary approaches to solving social problems.  Other programs within the College include Criminal Justice, Social Work, Nutrition, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Respiratory Therapy.  Contact Dan Crimmins here.