Training Guide Minutes: September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008

On the call: Judith Holt, Roz Parrish, Sally Stuart, Mary O'Connor, Laurence Miller, David Helm, and at the end Mary Ellen Zeppuhar

A brief history of the ID Tr Guide was presented - where it started and how it came into its 3rd edition in 2001. At last year's NTDC annual meeting it was discussed that it was time to review this document and probably edit it. David Helm volunteered to chair the subcommittee.

The call focused on the usefulness of the document - past and future. How can this be helpful to new training directors as well as veterans? Who is the target audience for the document?

Issues were discussed on how the network has changed and some of the changing work being accomplished in centers (technology, disability studies) and how different centers develop interdisciplinary training (through LEND and clinical work, through course work, in the community, as curriculum consultants), the various configurations of "core curriculum", distant education, and community involvement or non-traditional trainees. We also talked about changing federal requirements (eg LEND leadership competencies vs ADD trainees), follow-up requirements (eg NIRS data) and how this document can be helpful for the various UCEDD commitments.

It was discussed that particular needs vary considerably if the UCEDD also has a LEND program. How can this guide assist both programming needs? This is one of the primary questions we would hope to answer.

To best know what the NTDC membership would most like to see in this kind of document we discussed creating a new survey (possible a quick Survey Monkey to send to the listserv) or having a focus group discussion at the annual meeting. It was decided to take some annual meeting time to run one or two "focus groups" to discuss network needs. We will attempt to also secure a room where those unable to attend the meeting can conference call into one of the focus groups.

We will send a notice via the listserv about the focus groups so directors can look over the Guide and give some pre-conference thought to what might go into the next edition.

A preliminary outline to help guide the focus groups will be developed.

If there are any questions contact David Helm, Group Chair.