Act Early Regional Summit Project Minigrants

August 18, 2009

Act Early Regional Summit Minigrant Announcement

In order to support the collaboration of these summit teams and to further the activities initiated by state teams during the Act Early Summits, AUCD will provide minigrants for a twelve-month period.

The state team will use this funding as a catalyst for collaboration with stakeholders and to implement specific activities outlined in their state plan. Minigrants will be awarded in the amount of up to $3000.00.

The Act Early Summit Project Team at AUCD will provide ongoing technical assistance, disseminate resource materials, and facilitate a national web-based forum for stakeholders to exchange and develop innovative approaches in their states.

All applicants are required to submit an application coversheet, narrative, and list of collaborating partners/state team members ONLINE.

Minigrant Guidance and Timelines

Phase 1 (Regions 6 & 7)

Phase 2 (Regions 4a,8,2 & 9)

Phase 3 (Regions 4b & 10)

Phase 3 (Region 3)

Phase 3 (Region 1)

Contact any of the following people with questions regarding the Act Early Minigrants:

All available at (301) 588-8252.