National Federation of the Blind and Reach Settlement

August 26, 2008

In September of 2006, the National Federation of the Blind filed a class action suit against Target on behalf of all blind Americans who are being denied access to (read more)

Recently a final settlement was reached.  

Select excerpts:

Accessibility of

  1. Target shall ensure that the website meets the Target Online Assistive Technology Guidelines, attached as Exhibit C, and that blind guests using screen-reader software may acquire the same information and engage in the same transactions as are available to sighted guests with substantially equivalent ease of use.
  2. To achieve NFB nonvisual accessibility certification, Target shall make the changes to listed and described in Exhibit D. These changes were identified and agreed to by the NFB and Target through a series of technical personnel meetings. Target expects to implement these changes by February 2009.
  3. Designated personnel from the NFB and Target shall confer every six months during the Term of the Agreement to discuss the NFB's recommended updates to the TOATG guidelines.

NFB Nonvisual Accessibility Certification.

Upon completion of the changes to, the NFB shall certify the website through its NFB Nonvisual Accessibility Certification program using the standard techniques and criteria of that program. The NFB shall make its best efforts to complete such certification within thirty (30) days after completion of the changes to


  1. ...NFB shall provide...periodic one-day training sessions regarding website accessibility to Target employees responsible for coding the website. Each such employee shall attend one such training session during his or her employment at Target...

Guest Feedback.

  1. Target shall ensure that complaints received from guests regarding the accessibility of by those using screen-reader technology are reported to a Target employee responsible for ensuring that is accessible.
  2. Target shall provide to the NFB a quarterly summary of any complaints received from guests regarding the accessibility or usability of by those using screen-reader technology. Each summary shall identify the nature of any complaint and shall indicate whether the issue was resolved; if an issue was not resolved, Target shall consult with the NFB about possible resolution. The summaries and their contents shall be used for the sole purpose of monitoring the website...