Cross Cultural Health Care Case Studies: Pediatric Pulmonary Centers

December 19, 2006


pdf File crosscultural studies110106.pdf (1,675KB) [download]

The Cross Cultural Health Care Case Studies, developed collaboratively by the seven MCHB-funded Pediatric Pulmonary Centers (PPC), will allow users to test their knowledge through newly added quizzes. The case studies comprise a unique, interactive self-study program consisting of a series of five tutorials in cultural competence, aimed at familiarizing health care providers with common issues that arise while working with people of diverse cultures. Each tutorial consists of a home page to introduce the topic and define concepts, a case story to illustrate the topic, a multimedia lecture about the topic, and a series of learning activities to engage the learner in applying the concepts to the case story. After users have viewed all of the components of a tutorial, they will have an opportunity to take a quiz on what they have learned in a tutorial. Each quiz consists of 10 questions. Users must score 7 out of 10 on quizzes to receive a passing score. If users receive less than passing scores on quizzes, they will be directed to take quizzes again until they have received passing scores. Upon receiving passing scores, users can view and print certificates of completion. For health professionals other than nurses, social workers and physicians who can obtain continuing education credit for a small fee, certificates of completion provide evidence of curricula enhancement. For more information about the Cross Cultural health Care Case Studies, please visit the PPC website.