2008 Training Symposium

November 1, 2008

Widening and Strengthening Pathways through Universal Design

Coleman Institute The 2008 AUCD Training Symposium is supported in part by a co-sponsorship from the Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities

Universal design benefits people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are designing a new path, expanding an existing road, or creating a superhighway, the application of Universal Design Principles will ensure your Center's pathways are useable by all UCEDD/LEND constituents regardless of age, ability, or situation. The intent of universal design is to simplify life for everyone by making products, communications, and built environments usable by as many people as possible at little or no extra cost, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.

The 2008 AUCD Training Symposium discussed the basic principles of universal design and their current application in research, training, service, dissemination, and systems change efforts of the Network. After a keynote and/or panel presentations, attendees participated in a discussion group led by UCEDD/LEND experts and collaborators. Group members shared their experiences and explore issues related to universal design.


Training Symposium Agenda


Opening Remarks
Presenter: Mary Mercer, MS, 2008 Symposium Chair


Keynote: An Introduction to Universal Design
Presenter: Valerie Fletcher, Adaptive Environments
Download Keynote [pdf, 12mb]

Valerie Fletcher

Logo: Adaptive Environments: Institute for Human Centered Design


Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities Panel
Logo: Coleman Institute

Universal Design Discussion Groups
View biography and contact information on Discussion Group Leaders here. [word document]
  1. Assistive Technology
    Download presentation [pdf, 31mb]


  2. Participatory Action Research and Underrepresented Groups
    Download Resources:
    Accessibility and Informed Consent [pdf, 74kb]
    FAQ [pdf, 202kb]
    Universal Design Elements of CBPR and PAR [pdf, 31kb]
    Universal Design Principles_CBPR [pdf, 57kb]


  3. Community Planning & Recreation
    Download Resources:
    EveryBODY Plays! [pdf, 1,566kb]
    RDS - Socially Equitable Community Planning [pdf, 36kb]


  4. Transportation
    Download Resources:
    ADA Message [pdf, 116kb]
    Customer_Rights_and_Responsibilities_Brochure [pdf, 178kb]
    Framework for Action [pdf, 839kb]
    Framework for Action Facilitator Guide [pdf, 209kb]


  5. Web Accessibility for People with Cognitive Disabilities
    Download presentation [pdf, 0mb]


  6. Curriculum Design
    Download presentation [pdf, 402kb]


  7. Cognitive Disability and Technology
    Download presentation [pdf, 0mb]


  8. Health Promotion & Fitness
    Download presentation [pdf, 60kb]


  9. Smart Homes
    Download presentation [pdf, 0mb]


  10. Health Care "AS A SYSTEM" at the Community Level
    Download presentation [pdf, 11mb]


  11. THINK COLLEGE: Postsecondary Education Options for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
    Download presentation [pdf, 11mb]



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