Brent Askvig named Director of North Dakota UCEDD

June 24, 2008

MSU's Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Gary Rabe, announced the appointment of Dr. Brent A. Askvig (r), Associate Director of NDCPD to replace Dr. Fifield.

In addition to four years of service as Associate Director of NDCPD, Dr. Askvig brings 18 years of experience as a MSU Special Education faculty. He previously served as MSU's Department Chair in Special Education and as Assistant to the Dean of the MSU Graduate School. A graduate of MSU, Askvig has a bachelor degree in education and special education and a master's degree in severe disabilities. He received his doctorate degree in Education and Special Education with a specialty in educational research from the University of Idaho.

"I am excited about my new role in NDCPD and the people in the center. Dr. Fifield has done a tremendous job over the past 10 ½ years, and has in place a solid foundation for NDCPD's future growth," says Askvig. "I am also excited about NDCPD's role in supporting persons with disabilities throughout the state, and in working with MSU on its Vision 2013."

Dr. Askvig will assume the responsibilities of Executive Director on July 1, 2008.