Denise Arland of Indiana's Families United for Support and Encouragement (FUSE) to be Featured as a Hallmark Hero: Hallmark Channel, June 27, 8pmET

June 19, 2008

After her quadruplets were born 3 months premature, three out of the four were diagnosed with disabilities, including, but not limited to cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, anxiety disorder, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Denise went to different conferences and support groups to better handle her family situation.  It was at these seminars where she met other parents dealing with the same kinds of hardships and became inspired. Denise also witnessed other children with disabilities that were active in the community and thriving.  She decided her children should follow suit and her boys starting playing sports, music, theatre, and became members of the 4H club.  They seem busier than most children are!

Denise went on to become involved in the community. She started volunteering on the Indiana Governor's Interagency Coordinating Council for infants and Toddlers with Disabilities, which led to more opportunities to help other people in the same or similar situation.  She founded a donation and sponsor based organization called Families United for Support and Encouragement, or FUSE for short.  She has also served on many state and local boards, including the Indiana Governor's Interagency Coordinating Council.

While some people may let a difficult situation get them down, such as the one Denise was handed, she used it as a learning experience. While helping herself and her children, Denise also goes on to enhance and help the lives of other families in similar situations.

"Denise has been a wonderful asset to the families of Indiana," added Steve Koch, PhD, of the Riley Child Development Center and LEND Program.

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