2006 Annual Report

June 30, 2006

Chair: Barbara Hanley
Steering Committee: Marc Innocenti (past, past chair) Dalice Hertzberg (past chair) and Sue Olsen (Secretary)

Over the past year, the newly formed Council has solidified with 41 appointed members.

A questionnaire was completed by the membership, to evaluate the functions, roles and needs of the Council with a 46.6% mail return rate. The information resulted in the development of three task forces to address (1) Branding and Reimbursement issues across the Centers (2) an exploration and expansion of the concept of interdisciplinary and (3) the International Classification of Function.

The Branding and Reimbursement Task Force (eight members) is being led by Scott Lindgren, University of Iowa. The suggestions from the group were presented to the Board at the Winter Meeting. There have been some “cross-fertilization” activities with Scott talking with the Communications Committee as well as the Community Education Directors Council.

The Interdisciplinary Task Force ( eight members) is being headed by Paul White, Waisman Center . Tom Uno requested input for the Legislative Committee for a definition of Interdisciplinary to be incorporated into the new regulations for IDEA. The work of Patricia Prelock, University of Vermont, was forwarded.

The ICD Functioning Classifications task force has been eliminated due to no further need for activity.

An e-mail survey was sent in April, 2006 to ask the membership to present any issues that they believed need attention. As a result a new task force on assistive technology has developed and will be lead by Glen Hadman , the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago, to share information and address specific issues related to Interdisciplinary practice.

Other collaborative initiatives include Lann Thompson, Riley Development Center in Indiana, is working with Judith Holt and the National Community Education Director’s Council on the Annual Conference, specifically to look at technology and the possibility of using this to include students long distance in the Annual Conference and Evette Mezger , of the Central Office, Director of Information Services will be participating with the Task Force #1 on issues, as related to reimbursement, efficacy and cost effectiveness of Interdisciplinary practices.

Present goals

  • Steering Committee Conference call scheduled for 6-15-06 to review the process of governance in relation to the other Councils and review of the Strategic Plan in relation to this Council's role and functions around what may still need to be accomplished.
  • Review of works and anticipated works by the Task Forces through a conference call during the summer, and in particular to develop a study proposal as suggested by David Deere, Arkansas University Center, to study the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of interdisciplinary services in relation to third party payers not reimbursing for interdisciplinary services yet this is the model we are teaching the students. Funding would need to be sought to support this study.
  • Total Council Conference call early fall to review future plans and anticipated election of chair-elect.
  • Develop an agenda for the fall meeting.