Trainees Present Virtual Posters for Central Conference Training Consortium

April 16, 2008

The Central Conference Training Consortium, comprised of UCEDDs and LENDs from the Midwest, recently hosted a series of three virtual poster sessions. The nine poster presentations were provided through webcasting by trainees from centers within the Central Conference, and included discussion of trainee research and activities conducted as part of their respective training. A list of presenters and their topics is provided below. Overall, 9 UCEDDs and LENDs from the Consortium participated in the webcasts, watching the live presentations and posing questions to the presenters. From the session evaluation forms, 88% reported being satisfied or highly satisfied with the individual presentations. In addition, 96% of the responses would attend future virtual poster session presentations. It is hoped that this will become an annual event for trainees from the Central Conference centers to present in the coming spring semesters.

The Central Conference Training Consortium was established in 1969 as a cooperative federation of Midwest agencies involved in the interdisciplinary training of professionals to serve individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and communities. The federation of 14 UCEDD and LEND centers has several areas of major interest: cooperation in training; exploration of exchange of staff and trainees; development of instructional programs; and innovation in developing new techniques for accomplishing mutual training goals.

The virtual poster sessions will be available for viewing soon on the Central Conference's website, at




Sarah Allen1

Cultural Responses to Obesity in America

Kate B. Bacon2

Wheelchair Users and Transportation Safety

Crystal L. Cederna3

Youth with Intellectual Disabilities in Foster Care: Examining Risks and Service Outcomes

Stephanie Creekpaum3

Ambiguous Loss: A Literature Review and Consideration of the Diagnoses of Autism and Intellectual Disability

Carlos Clarke Drazen2

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: The Shifting Balance of Media Usage and Influence Among Racial and Disabled Groups in the 21st Century USA

Stella Nwokeji1

Exploring Strategies to Improve the Health of Custodial Parents

Christine Oser3

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Anna Raines1

Outreach to the Hispanic and Latino Population in Tennessee

Sheila Swann-Guerrero2

National Center on Physical Activity and Disability...Physical Activity is for Everybody!


1 Trainee from the Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities, Memphis, TN

2 Trainee from the Institute on Disability and Human Development, Chicago, IL

3 Trainee from the Riley Child Development Center, Indianapolis, IN


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